Students may start training in any loose clothing, but after a short period of time and assuming they intend to continue with their Karate, they will be expected to wear a traditional Karate uniform (white Gi only) with a Club badge.

At Kubotan Karate Kai we practice the three “K`s” of Karate – Kihon, Kata and Kumite. As well as our dedicated Friday Night Fight Class we do quite often have a Kumite(sparring/fighting) session on our normal Tuesday and Thursday class. Contact in these classes are diligently controlled by the instructor, however as in all contact sports, a certain amount of contact is likely in order to learn these fighting skills, so expect a few bumps and bruises. Injury can be to a minimum by correct training and the use of protective equipment. In the early days of your Karate career most of this body protection can be borrowed from the club however eventually all students will be required to have a full set of their own protective kit (Birthdays & Christmas ideas parents).

Practicing your Karate can be extremely fun, but if you`re sparring or even working with a partner or opponent, its vital to put your safety first. Below is a full set of body protection required for Sparring/Fighting in Karate.

Mitts, Light weight, durable and very comfortable to wear. Elasticated wrist straps allowing the wearer to tighten the gloves. Available in Red or Blue and in all sizes.

Foot Protectors, Light weight, durable and very comfortable to wear, Elasticated heel straps allowing the wearer to tighten the foot protector. Available in Red or Blue and in all sizes.

Shin with Removable foot, shin and foot protectors with special Velcro fasteners enables them to be worn separately. Available in Red or Blue and in all sizes.

Gum Shield, a conventional gum shield which moulds when submerged in boiling water. Complete with case in a wide range of colours.

Groin Guards, male and female available a standard groin guard with a detachable plastic cup. Elasticated waist band and support straps. Cup is enclosed in a fabric pocket. Available in all sizes.

Female chest guard, a Perspex guard easily inserts from the front of a lycra vest, ensuring minimal effort and time when competing or training. Available in all sizes.

Female vest, can also be used as a training vest. The Perspex guard easily inserts into the lycra vest. Available in all sizes.

All this body protection is available from our Club and should be purchased through The Club.